Day 1: The Design

I just decided I want to blog this, so lets play some catchup. Here’s my design so far. ..This is going to be a long post.


This is what I’m building. A large  air cannon with a 4″ bore and all aluminum construction. I’m designing it to have a form factor similar to a Gustav 84mm recoilless rifle. The internal mechanism will be similar to my LAW II air cannon. I want this to be the successor to that air cannon, so I’m making it bigger, better and more precise. With it’s 4″ bore, the kick should be pretty tremendous. I’m also adding a quick exhaust valve as a first stage, which should get the open time way down, so it goes off with more *bang* and less *whump*.


Here’s how it works. The piston, which is highlighted in red can slide freely back and forth. The space that the piston goes through, as well as the space behind it is pressurized. Suction from the barrel holds the piston in the forward position. The valve attached to the back is a quick exhaust valve. When this valve is opened, that space behind the piston is vented, this sucks the piston back and fires the cannon.


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