Piston Head: Day 1

I think I’m ready to tackle what’s probably the most difficult part. The piston head. It should be pretty straight forward, but it’s a lot of operations to do without making a mistake.


Here’s the cad model. The piston head is highlighted in red. As you may have noticed in the exploded view, the arms are separate pieces that are attached with screws.

The jaw center on the lathe I’m using is a little off. Rather than fuss with the 4 jaw chuck, I used a piece of stock big enough for me to machine all the important parts without flipping it around, this way the alignment doesn’t matter.

A couple of hours later:


…I forgot to bring a drawing to the shop, so I redrew it on some graph paper and recalculated the dimensions.


I faced off the chuck of extra stock and viola. Perfect fit. I’m getting pretty good a creeping up on the target dimensions. 🙂


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