Drilling the Radial Holes for the Chamber/Barrel Divider

Here’s what i’ve got to make:


I’ve been putting this off because I’m not sure exactly how to do it. Specifically, I’m not sure how to hold the divider square in the pipe while I drill the holes. It’s pretty deep in there, so fixturing it from the outside would be difficult.

I laid awake in bed thinking about this for a couple of days.

I eventually decided on this method: I’ll cut wood blocks that I can bolt around the divider to hold is square. I’ll then push that whole assembly into place in the pipe. It doesn’t have to be absolutely square so I think that’ll be accurate enough.

The next problem is how to get the divider to the right depth in the pipe. The radial holes need to go through a pretty narrow band on the divider. I don’t think a tape measure from the end would be accurate enough. To solve this problem, I’ll drill one hole in the pipe and divider before inserting it. Once it’s inserted I can put a screw through this hole and both lock the divider in place, and also be sure it’s at the right position.

Ok.. Lets do this.


I spend a lot of time squaring saw blades for this job.

I eventually came out with a square block that fit tightly in the pipe. (Square in the sense that the sides were perpendicular)


I squared the chopsaw and cut the clock into two pieces.


Then I drilled holes through both and put a threaded rod through them. That completes the wood work.



Looks good.

Next, I drilled the first hole in the divider.


I don’t have any pictures, but I punched spots for the holes on the pipe using the same tattered template as last time. I then drilled one of them out.

I’m a jackass and stopped taking pictures for while here.. Basically I jammed the block and divider into the pipe and lined up the holes. Getting the holes to line up turned out to be pretty difficult (i should have anticipated that). Anyway, I eventually got them to overlap, then worked an awl into the hole to force them into alignment. After that I put that first screw in.

From here, the operation was pretty simple. I built a little jig on the mill and drilled each of the radial holes.


I used one of my trusty wood v-blocks I made before. Again, not incredibly accurate, but it should be plenty good enough.


Here’s divider after I pulled it out of the pipe. The holes came out very nicely.

The last steps were to tap the divider holes, and drill out the pipe holes for screw clearance.


Bam, done. (I’ll add a finished picture here sometime hopefully)


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