Phase 2: Building the Stock

Here’s my plan:


Basically I’m going to use stainless steel bands to clamp a u channel to the bottom of the cannon. Onto this I’ll mount a butt, grip and foregrip. The butt will be milled hdpe.

I’ve been playing with this design in cad for a couple of days. A couple of thoughts:

I considered many methods of attaching the u channel to the cannon tube. In the past I’ve always used hose clamps, bur I wanted to go with something nicer this time. The U-channel doesn’t attach to the pressurized portion of the pipe so welding is an option, but I don’t know how nice it would look with my tig skills being what they are. It would also make  working inside the u-channel a pain.

I’d originally planned on cnc milling the grip and forgrip out of hdpe in addition to the butt, but I think the gun parts will be easier and give it a cool prototype-weapon look.


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