Attaching the Grip

Attaching the grip will be straightforward, but a bit tedious if I want to do it right. AK grips are designed to bolt onto a mounting boss on the lower receiver. I’ll have to make one for my stock. You can see it in the exploded view below.


Here’s my version. I designed it a bit bulkier than usual, since I’ll be making it out of aluminum, not steel.

lbc gip block

I usually just take a few notes on paper from my cad model and bring that to the shop, but this time I made a real drawing.  You can see version 1 there in the back, I’ll get to that in a second.


I won’t get into it, but it’ll suffice to say that all the following steps I had to do twice. I estimated some of the grip dimensions in the cad drawing before I got it, then forgot to update them. I did this whole process once and ended up with a part that didn’t fit. Bummer.


On to version 2..

First I faced a plate down to the correct thickness. I was able to find a suitable piece of stock in the scrap bin, score :).


Next I used the readouts to cut out the square profile based on the coordinates from my drawing.


After that I re-clamped the piece a couple of times and milled off the radius left over from before.


I marked the bottom edge where the point of the triangle should go, then scribed the new edges by hand. There’s a little gap between these surfaces and the grip, so they don’t need to be perfectly accurate.


To cut these faces, I clamped the piece in the vice such that the lines I scribed were parallel to the vice jaw.


Looks good! I accidentally cut the long face a little too deep, but luckily it shouldn’t effect the calculations or functionality.


The radius part isn’t critical or visible, so I decided to just rough it with a file. It was actually easier than I though. It only took a few minutes, and came out nice and accurate.


After that it was just regular drilling and tapping.


It fits! Woot!


Time to drill matching holes in the stock.


Here’s the finished Boss. it could use a little cleaning up but it works great. If I had to guess, I’d say this little piece took me 4 hours. More if you include v1. Machining requires a lot of patience.


Here it is with the grip mounted. I’m really happy with it, it doesn’t wiggle at all.








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